How to calculate body fat

How to calculate body fat for healthy daily life

Body fat is a common issue for man and woman now these days. Actually the scientific term for body fat is adipose tissue. Researchers say that adipose tissue serves a number of important functions in human body. The primary purpose of adipose tissue is to store lipids and the human body creates energy from stored lipids. It also secretes a source of various numbers of important hormones.

Physicians say that having an excess of body fat leads to the condition of obesity of human body either man or woman which can be unhealthy situation for normal body. In case of some people are more genetically predisposed to excess body fat naturally and on the other hand some people build extra fat from lack of exercise and bad diets.

Physician says that body fat pumps out immune system chemicals called cytokines which can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease any time either man or woman body. These biochemicals might be root cases to make cells less sensitive to the insulin, the blood pressure, and the blood clotting disease. The Insulin resistance means that human body's muscle and liver cells don't respond adequately to normal levels of insulin which can be a cause of abnormal death any time. It is said that the Insulin is responsible for carrying glucose into the body's cells and it is heightening the risk for diabetes for man and woman.

There are various method to measuring body fat but more specific techniques are used by the U.S. They have come up with the formula of Drs. Hodgdon and Beckett’s method which is developed at the Naval Health Research Center. It takes into account differences in the way men and women accumulate fat for their personals, thus different measurements are required in various posts on their fitness matters.

1. As per the formula: Measure the circumference of man waist at a horizontal level around the navel for man and at the level with the least width for woman. Don't pull object’s stomach in at normal stage.

2. As per the formula: Measure the circumference of the neck and then start below the larynx with the tape sloping slightly downward to the front in normal stage. Avoid flaring object’s neck out at normal stage.

3. As per the formula (This test only for women only): Measure the circumference of the hips, at the largest horizontal measure in normal stage.

A. Body fat calculator formula for man:

B. Body fat calculator formula for woman:


This method can also be used to calculate body fate by taking help of any one.

1st Step: You need to hang your right arm at your side, and have someone find the point halfway between your shoulder and elbow, on the rear (triceps side) of your arm at first.

2nd Step: Now, with his/her thumb and forefinger have him/her pinch a fold of skin and fat away from the muscle in normal stage.

3rd Step: Now, have him/her measure the thickness of the skin pinched but keep in mind, it does not rest the ruler against the skin.

4th Step: Now, have him/her do steps 2 and 3 several times and get the average reading.

5th Step: Now, you can find your body fat percentage by using the chart below.

Full grown man fat level: 1

How to calculate body fat

Full grown man fat level: 2

Full grown man fat level

Full grown woman fat level: 1

How to calculate Women body fat

Full grown woman fat level: 2

How to calculate body fat

It said that there are thousands of proposals on the Web for common man and woman to help control or reduce body fat. But complicated gimmicks aren't needed for healthy fat control measurement. It is also said that the change your diet and do some exercise which will feel better to successfully reduce body fat for man and woman of any age or geo location.